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It's OK we know that everyone is not a virgin hair coneisseur. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions. 

What is Virgin Hair?

Virgin hair means the hair is chemical–free, unprocessed, natural 100% human hair.

What does remy mean?

Remy or Cuticle Hair means the hair has healthy, intact cuticles which are all aligned in the same direction from the root to the tip. This ensures the hair is tangle-free. Usually, remy hair is single cut ponytail directly from a one donor’s head per one bundle. Remy hair will be high quality hair that can last for many installs and various styles.

What are the differences amongst the hair collections?

The Gold and Queen Collection is virgin hair that has been ‘STEAMED’ to create luxurious curl patterns and textures. Whereas, the Platinum Collection is ‘ORGANIC’ virgin hair that has a natural curl pattern and texture without any steamed processes. It is raw, pure hair and tends to react to the elements. The Diamond Collection is our premier virgin hair collection. It has been  “ENGINEERED’ to perfection to create the ultimate virgin hair. It does everything you want it to do…LITERALLY!  The differences amongst the collections are truly apparent in the hair’s reaction to water, heat and air drying.

What are closures/frontals?

Closures and/or frontals allow you to create the ultimate protective install. Closures are oblong or circular pieces used to close up a weave where as frontals are pieces used to create an illusion of a hair line. They allow maximum protective styling by ensuring no hair is left out during your install. Both are great for those who are transitioning, don’t want to worry about blending their own natural hair or want to prevent excessive heat or chemical damage. These pieces are used to create a more natural full head of weave by versatile parting options. All Bundle Boutique closures are virgin remy hair therefore can be dyed or chemically processed.

What are the differences between silk and lace closures?

The Bundle Boutique offers both lace and silk base closures which create an illusion of a scalp. Usually silk base closures are lighter in color and more durable than lace closures. However, lace base closures are more ventilated and lay flatter than a silk base closure. Closures should not be considered as a substituion for a full bundle of hair. We recommend consulting with a professional before purchase.

How many packs will I need?

For a partial weave (where there is much natural hair left out) or lengths 12”-16” it is recommended at least 2 bundles. For a full weave, 18” or longer,  or custom-made wigs we recommend at least 3-4 bundles. A general rule of thumb is the longer the hair length the shorter the track of hair will be. Also, keep in mind the hairstyle and ounces per bundle determine the amount of hair you may need.

Is my hair true to length?

Yes, hair is measured from weft to tip. For wavy or curly hair, the hair is measured using the pulled/stretched method.

Hair length depends on the texture you choose. Straight human hair naturally is longer because it lays completely flat when it’s measured. You measure the length of our curly hair when it is straight because it has more volume for the same weight. The length of our wavy hair texture lies in-between that of the straight and curly.


Can I color/dye my hair?

Due to the natural state of Bundle Boutique hair, you have the option to perm, relax, color, bleach, ombre, highlight and/or style the hair any way you want. For any chemical processes, we suggest consulting a professional stylist.

Can I straighten my hair?

Yes, The Bundle Boutique hair can be straightened. The curly and wavy hair will revert back

to the original curl type and pattern once wet.

(Note: Steam process is used to create specific curl patterns for the Gold and Queen Collection. Excessive straightening of the hair can cause curlier and wavier patterns to become loose and/or gradually lose their pattern over time.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel your order but a $25.00 restocking fee will be accessed. Please make sure to choose the correct product. For assistance, please contact Customer Service at 404-883-0833 or **GOTHAIR from any mobile phone.

When will I receive my order?

It takes 24-48 hours business hours for payment to process. Once your payment has processed, the items will ship thereafter. All items in stock ship within 1-2 business days.  Special order and backordered items ship within 3-5 business days.

If you select "In-Store Pick Up", please contact us prior to placing your order to check availability. 

Do you accept returns?

We accept exchanges if it is deemed that The Bundle Boutique is the party at fault.

For complete details, read our Terms and Conditions page.

How are orders shipped? Do you ship worldwide?

All orders are shipped via USPS Priority mail unless specified otherwise. Tracking information is emailed within 24 hours after shipment. Once the package is shipped through the carrier, The Bundle Boutique relinquishes responsibility of the package. Insurance can be purchased at an additional cost during checkout

International shipping is available at an additional cost of $29.99.

Do you offer wholesale or group discounts?

No, we do not offer wholesale pricing or discounts due to our already low prices. However, we do offer customer rewards which allow you to save on your next purchase. Click the link or contact us for more info.


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